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Deck Cleaning and Sealing

How Do You Clean Decks?

Composite or Trex Decks

There are many types of composite decking. Depending on the age and type of materials, we adjust the amount and strength of cleaners used. We spray a bleach compound on your deck to kill the mold and algae. Then we use a light pressure to rinse your deck down.

Pressure Treated - Wood Decks

If your deck is gray or moldy, we spray a bleach solution on your deck before we do any power washing. The bleach loosens the dirt and kills any mold or algae. If your deck has a stain still on it, we may use a deck stripper to remove the stain, depending on how much stain there is.

Our deck cleaning process also includes applying a wood conditioner that both neutralizes the bleach and prepares the wood for staining and sealing.

Staining and Sealing Your Deck

We use Armstrong-Clark® and Ready Seal® stain and sealant for all pressure treated and cedar decks. These stains penetrate the wood to provide a deep seal that is not damaged by furniture scratches or other mishaps.

We use Armstrong-Clark® stain and sealant for Ipe, Mahogany, Teak and all Brazilian hardwoods.

Choosing A Color of Deck Stain

We recommend applying a light to medium color stain. The darker the stain, the more it absorbs heat, so a medium color gives enough protection from the sun's UV rays, while still minimizing heat absorption.

This picture below is of two decks we cleaned and stained using Ready Seal. The deck on the left is Ready Seal® "Natural Cedar" and the deck on the right is Ready Seal® "Light Brown."