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Perfect Touch Power Wash

Perfect Touch Power Wash is a family-owned and operated company. We do the work ourselves and guarantee everything. If something is not right, we will absolutely come back and make it right. You never have to worry.

I believe in being honest, upfront and fair in all that I do. I trust my clients and give them my best effort.

After walking one client through an estimate, I told her that I needed to adjust the price down. Due to the details and ease of the job, I didn't feel it was a fair price since it would not take me very long to complete the work. She looked at me and said "You sure live up to your reputation." I felt that was the greatest compliment she could give me.

Many people are uncomfortable hiring a contractor. I understand that and can empathize.

After hiring a plumber to fix a water spigot at my home, I was shocked at the price. I was not given a clear estimate of the cost. Perhaps that was my fault. In any event, that made a permanent impression on me and helped me see how important it is to give each client a clear estimate for every job.

When you talk to me about power washing, I will give you exact numbers and explain how we calculate our pricing. That way you know what you are getting into and what the final price is before you hire us.

One of my favorite things to hear is when someone tells me "that was easy." Life is not always easy, but getting your house power washed should be.

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